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Forgotten Highways

Wilderness Journeys Down the Historic Trails of the Canadian Rockies


"This book is a compelling account of adventures in the past and present. . . .Despite the trials of wet weather and overgrown trails, they maintained their sense of humour and an appreciation for their good fortune in being able to explore these wilderness highways which played such a significant role in shaping Canada. Their book beckons us to follow."

– Canadian Literature

"Brink and Bown's eloquent descriptions of the Rockies today would undoubtedly make the early explorers proud. And their book brings the incredible accomplishments of the pioneers into focus for modern readers without turning into a dry history lesson."

– Calgary Herald

"A well-crafted mix of history and story about a part of our immediate world that was once well-travelled but is now seldom visited and essentially frozen in time."

– Rocky Mountain Outlook

"A delightful account of a grand plan to hike important routes in the backcountry of Alberta and British Columbia, all in one summer, as a way to experience the historical reality faced by the men and women who had preceded them."

– Edmonton Journal